Announcing the AdEx Beta Release Date

The AdEx Network beta release date has been announced. The development team is finalizing tests and tweaks to ensure a comprehensive user experience. This article provides insights into the development process and what to expect from the platform.

Announcing the AdEx Beta Release Date

With our community and future advertisers and publishers growing impatient, we are glad to announce the AdEx Network release date.

The AdEx platform development roadmap is on track, and we are ready to announce the beta release date: Monday, February 26.

Our development team is currently running tests and making last tweaks, so that once we roll the beta out, you can get a comprehensive idea of what the platform will look and feel like. The final tests and integrations on the UI of the adex-dapp are in progress to ensure everything is functioning the way it is designed to.

In addition, we are also deploying a new version of our smart contracts (these are currently being tested on the Ropsten testnet).

In the spirit of the open source philosophy that drives our team, once everything is live, it will be added to our public GitHub repositories.

AdEx Network V2

Earlier this year we announced that the development was going ahead of schedule and that we hoped to introduce our prototype in October. Meanwhile, however, we realized that there was a better way to design the AdEx architecture. That new approach would give the DApp more flexibility and scalability, and would allow for the integration with hardware wallets such as Trezor, Ledger and Metamask.

At that point we made the decision to revert to our original release date for the benefit of a superior decentralized app. We knew that a part of our community would be disappointed but our choices have always been directed by scalability, efficiency and user experience. This is why we do not regret not releasing early.

What’s more, this new architecture allowed us to skip a step in the AdEx development altogether. Instead of rolling out AdEx V.1 in October, then starting work on AdEx V.2 in 2019, we went ahead with the scalability improvements that we had planned for AdEx V.2.

Explained simply, what we are introducing on Monday, is AdEx V.2. We are positive that this is the right way to go, and we feel very content with our work so far.

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