The AdEx Token Sale is now over

The AdEx token sale has successfully concluded. This event marks a significant milestone in the AdEx journey, as it represents the successful completion of a major phase in the platform's development.

The AdEx Token Sale is now over

We are incredibly happy to report that in just over 8 hours, the AdEx crowdsale campaign sold out and we are now fully funded to build the AdEx blockchain ad network.

Reaching this point has been a real rollercoaster but we worked very hard and we did it.

Approximately 2,000 participants took part in the campaign and purchased a total of 40,008 ETH worth of ADX tokens.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our team, as well as to our advisors:

  • Jihan Wu, Strategy advisor
  • Stas Oskin, Tech advisor
  • Sebastian Stupurac, Strategy advisor
  • Lior Zysman, Legal advisor
  • Guy Corem, Strategy advisor
  • Dominik Zynis, Marketing advisor
  • Nikola Stojanow, Business development advisor
  • Vladislav Dramaliev, Community advisor
  • Vincent Zhou, Strategy advisor — China

We would also like to thank our amazing community and everyone who supports the project one way or another.

The crowd sale is just the first step of building something game-changing, and we can’t wait to start. Stay tuned, but for now — THANK YOU!

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