AdEx Joins the Blockchain Advertising Alliance

AdEx joins the Blockchain Advertising Alliance, a special initiative to speed up the adoption of blockchain technology in advertising. This alliance aims to educate, develop, unify, and promote blockchain in the advertising industry.

AdEx Joins the Blockchain Advertising Alliance

We are incredibly happy to announce a special initiative, in which AdEx is actively involved: the Blockchain Advertising Alliance.

We at AdEx strongly believe that the future of advertising holds many technological advancements, equal conditions for all advertisers, more privacy control for consumers, and most importantly: more transparency for the entire industry.

We are dedicated to helping speed up the adoption of blockchain technology in advertising, as well as the general industry shift. To achieve this, we became an integral part of a newly formed NPO, the Blockchain Advertising Alliance (BAA).

BAA’s intention is to provide advertising professionals with educational resources on blockchain, smart contracts, Ethereum, ad tech developments, etc. The organization also aims at creating and fostering a meaningful environment for blockchain advertising projects to collaborate, share ideas and skills, and help each other reshape the online marketing and advertising landscape.

BAA goals

The alliance steps on four fundamental goals: to educate, develop, unify, and promote.

Educate: Inform the advertising industry about the benefits and possible use cases of the blockchain and therefore increase mass adoption.

Develop: Exchange knowledge between member companies, and create a common knowledge-base shared by member companies and the public.

Unify: Ensure that member companies are not overlapping their efforts but instead they create complementary technologies and benefit from each other’s work.

Promote: Create joint press releases and/or airdrops to promote member companies and the idea of utilizing blockchain to bring transparency to the advertising industry.

BAA membership

BAA membership is open to any company operating in the fields of online advertising, digital marketing and/or blockchain. The organization is looking for members who will help advance its effort in blockchain education and popularization, and will do their best to push forward blockchain and DApp design and evolution.

Additionally, BAA encourages large organizations willing to contribute to the adoption of blockchain in advertising by acting as advertisers/publishers and cooperating with other member companies.

The organization has already managed to attract very strong members, so AdEx is in very good company there: Stremio, Propy, AdHive, SwipeCyrpto, EloPlay and Harbour are the first members of the alliance. We are positive that more relevant projects will join soon.

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