Dean Eigenmann Joins AdEx in an Advisory Role

Posted by AdEx Network on November 19th, 2018


Dean Eigenmann at ETHBerlin 2018

Blockchain auditor and Solidity developer Dean Eigenmann has recently joined the AdEx team as an advisor. He will be sharing his insights on a number of topics, including code review, updating the AdEx white paper, etc.

Despite being only 20, Dean has already gathered significant professional background. He started coding when he was 9, then dropped out of high school at 15 to work as a developer. This lead him to a 4-year software development apprenticeship in Switzerland. There, he gathered a lot of experience as a back-end developer for an e-commerce project.

Today, Dean is an auditor at ZK Labs, the creator of the Harbour governance protocol, one of the main contributors/researchers at the ENS project, and something of an inappropriate-meme god.

He dedicates a good portion of his attention to blockchain governance; he sees on-chain governance as very fragile and lacking in terms of practical application, which sparks his interest in the topic.

Eigenmann has been in contact with our team for a while now; he was involved in both audits that ZK Labs performed for us. This is why we were thrilled to have him onboard as an advisor. We are convinced that his close knowledge of the AdEx ecosystem and his super-weird sense of humor will make him an invaluable asset to the project.

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