AdEx Partners with Richard Titus

Posted by AdEx on August 11th, 2017

As the AdEx project and development are progressing, more people are jumping aboard as we create and deliver a truly incredible platform.

We have just begun collaborating with Richard Titus, а serial entrepreneur with a passion for the Internet, technology, media and occasionally, yoga, video games, music, motorcycles and extreme sports.

Titus has extensive experience in the Media & Entertainment industry, as well as deep roots in the technology sector — he has served in C-level roles for a number of tech firms. He has founded or co-founded 7 different companies, the most recent of which (a software solution for small business owners) was sold to Breezeworks in 2016.

A longtime holder of crypto, he has recently become increasingly fascinated with blockchain and ICOs, and has been acting as strategic advisor to a number of blockchain projects, including, HIVE, and now AdEx.

Titus is deeply familiar with the advertising industry; serving as executive chairman for 5+ years of leading video server platform VIDEOPLAZA until it was acquired by TELSTRA/OOYALA in 2016. Previously, he co-founded Tag Media which became the west coast office of Razorfish in 1996 and in 2002, he co-founded interactive agency Schematic (now called Possible) acquired by WPP in 2007; two of the worlds largest digital advertising agencies. This is why we believe he will be an invaluable advisor to the AdEx project.

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