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With the AdEx ad platform, you target the untapped market of Web2 users entering the Web3 space

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Тhe AdEx ad platform

The AdEx ad platform offers an easy to use, one-stop advertising platform for Web3 advertisers who aim to reach users beyond Web3

Low fees

Pay just a 7% fee for ad spend made in fiat and stablecoins and 4% for ad spend made in $ADX.


Access to an untapped audience

We connect Web3 projects with real audiences and users ready to dive into Web3.


Deposits in stablecoins

Deposit in stablecoins like USDC, USDT, and DAI for consistent campaign budgets, reducing market volatility effects. Fiat deposit options are also available.


Transparent and cost-effective

Verified, cost-effective and fraud-protected advertising enabled by transparent analytics and impression validation.



Serving ads users actually want without compromising privacy

AdEx ZK allows for the direct connection between Web3 advertisers and publishers, thus shaping the future of relevant and privacy-preserving advertising leveraging zero-knowledge technology.

Website visitors can choose the categories of ads they want to see based on their interests, leading to better targeting, conversion, and acquisition for advertisers.

AdEx ZK progresses towards attention economy by rewarding users for interacting with ads with its native token, the ADX token.

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