How to send DAI to your AdEx account

Posted by Ivan Manchev on August 8th, 2019

It is really easy to start advertising effectively on AdEx Network. All you need is an account on the platform, cool campaign ideas and DAI stable coin — the payment method we are using on our platform.

We’ll assume that you know how to work with cryptocurrencies and you’ve already bought DAI, but if you are just starting— better check first our tutorial on how to purchase and start using DAI.

How to charge your AdEx account with DAI

Step 1: On your Dashboard, go to Account.

Step 2: On your Account screen you should be able to see your Identity address, the address that you are using to login and the balance on your Identity address.

The funds you’ll be operating with on the platform are stored on your Identity address. Next to the address you’ll see the Copy icon. Just click it and you’ll copy the address. Now that you have it, just send funds to it using your preferred wallet.

When you have enough funds in your Identity address, you can start running campaigns on AdEx Network. Rock ‘em!