How to avoid unwanted content from ads on AdEx

Posted by AdEx Network on October 21st, 2019


Some of our publishers would rather not show certain ads on their website for various reasons. Sometimes it is the content of the ad or the nature of the business being advertised that goes against their principles and we completely understand that.

It’s really simple to adjust this in the settings of the ad slot when creating it. All you have to do as a publisher is to make sure it would only show ads if the targeting matches. It’s just a setting you need to pay attention to while creating an Ad Slot. Here’s how:

Step1: Start creating a new ad slot.

Step 2: Fill in title, description and type of the ad slot.

Step 3: Set a passback unit if desired.

Step 4: When you reach the tab Tags, specify your desired targeting tags and give them a score of over 0 (depending on your preferences). An ad will only show if both sides (you and the advertiser) have the same tag with a score of over 0.

Step 5: Preview and then save your ad slot once happy so you can integrate it.

You’re all set now, only ads matching one or more of your targeting tags will appear in your available ad slot(s).