AdEx Tutorial: How to Create a New Ad Unit

Posted by Ivan Manchev on February 22nd, 2019

In this series of short tips we will walk you through the AdEx platform to make sure you have all the information needed to take full advantage of it.

Creating ad units on the AdEx platform is easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy!

Step 1: Go to your Advertiser dashboard and click the “New Ad unit” button.

Step 2: Enter a name for your ad unit, add a description (optional). Next, point a URL where users will land after clicking on your ad. Finally, choose the size of the creative you’ll upload.

Step 3: Now it’s time to add your ad creative. Keep in mind that it must be the same size as the ad unit for our system to accept it. File format should be JPG. When you’re done, press “Continue”.

Step 4: On this next stage, you will be defining the targeting for your ad, i.e. the specifics of the audience you want to reach. Filling in these fields is optional, however the more targeting settings you specify, the higher the expected success rate of your ad will be.

You can select more than one option from the drop-down menus on this page, and you can also assign importance for each targeting option.

Step 5: This is where you should review if everything looks good, and if so — there’s your ad unit. Hit “Save” and move on! If you want to change something, just click “Back”.

The created ad unit will then appear in the “Ad Units” section of your Advertiser account.

So far so good. Time to add the ad unit to a campaign and start advertising.

To continue with your campaign, you have to add the ad unit to a campaign. Don’t worry, nothing harder than what we did so far. Continue to next tutorial to add ad unit to campaign.