AdEx Tutorial: How to Add Ad Units to an Advertising Campaign

Posted by AdEx on February 22nd, 2019

In this series of short tips we will walk you through the AdEx platform to make sure you have all the information needed to take full advantage of it.

In a previous tutorial, we explained that campaigns on the AdEx Platform are there to help you organize your active, running ads — but settings like targeting, creatives and bids are set on an ad-unit level.

If you would like to link certain ad units to a particular campaign, there are two ways to do that — by creating a brand new ad unit within the campaign, or by linking an existing unit and a campaign.

Option 1: Create anew unit in a campaign

Step 1: Go to the “Campaigns” section of your account.

Step 2: Select the one you want to work with and click on “View”.

Step 3: Once you’ve opened the campaign, click on the link that reads “Add new unit to this campaign”.

Step 4: Make sure that the “New ad unit” tab is selected (it’s the default tab).

Step 5: From there on, the steps replicate creating a new unit from the “Ad units” section of your account (see detailed tutorial here).

Option 2: Link existing unit to a campaign

If you have already created your campaign and your ad units separately, you can link them to each other.

Step 1: Open the campaign to which you want to add a unit or more, then select the “Existing ad unit” tab:

Step 2: Click on the little red plus sign next to the unit you’d like to add to the campaign:

The unit will then be added to the campaign.

Time to deposit ADX Tokens to the AdEx Exchange and start bidding

Now that you have an existing ad campaign with real ads in it, you are ready to “meet” publishers and start running your campaign. To bid for running ads, you have to deposit ADX tokens to the AdEx exchange — see how to do it in the next tutorial.