AdEx Teams Up with MEDIA Protocol, Added to the CryptoCatnip DApp

Posted by AdEx Network on July 24th, 2018

AdEx Network’s newest partnership is one with MEDIA Protocol — a protocol that turns online content into Smart URLs, allowing hassle-free monetization of online influence. With the protocol, people can earn tokens while reading/watching and sharing their favourite online content.

AdEx will be included in CryptoCatnip — the first DApp that utilizes MEDIA Protocol — and news about the project will be available within the application. CryptoCatnip is a news aggregator for recent crypto-related content. It allows publishers and promoters of crypto content to reward users directly in MEDIA Tokens (the native ERC20 token of the MEDIA Protocol) for engaging with content. MEDIA tokens are transferred directly to the consumer’s ERC20 compliant address.

This way, brands and content creators get a clear picture of the impact their content makes, and helps them tailor it better to the wants and needs of their audience. Simultaneously, users get rewarded for their attention and are encouraged to engage more with high-quality content. At any step of the process, each party has a higher level and control on their interaction with articles, news pieces, videos and other types of media.

The MEDIA Protocol enables content to be tracked on the blockchain, leaving less room for media-hoarding conglomerates.

“What the MEDIA Protocol team aims to achieve is essentially the same goal AdEx has: to achieve a more democratized, transparent way of capturing consumers’ attention. Whether it’s done through content marketing, or display advertising on the blockchain, the end result is a step ahead in the attention economy, and a better digital ecosystem,” said Vanina Ivanova, CMO of AdEx.

The CryptoCatnip app is available to download for iOS and Android. To learn more about MEDIA Protocol, visit and make sure to join their Telegram chat where will soon hold a joint AMA.

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